the*gameHERs Award Nominations!

By: Zachary Fingerle

Awards shows are not a new concept in this world. Whether in the industry of gaming, music, sports, movies, and so many more categories. Everybody is chasing recognition and fame for their success.

the*gameHERs are pursuing their own awards show and the nominations are now open! The various categories are as follows: Esports, Game Development, Content Creation, Charity, Marketing, and Rising Stars.

The interesting twist that is not so new (I think, I have never really watched commercial awards shows) is that certain awards are partnered with various companies such as Version 1 is the sponsor of the Top Player of the Year, Belong Gaming is representing the Most Inclusive Org award, and there are several more that have their name in the awards!

Who do you think is deserving of the various awards and who should be winning the Top Player of the Year?

Be sure to head over and nominate who you think is best for the award here

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