The Partnership from Heaven – ESTV & Simplicity Esports

There has been a match made in heaven for gaming events and streaming coming together! Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company have partnered with ESTV to host events ranging from the Ultimate Gaming League, and the Fortnite Box Fighting Championship. The concept of the ultimate gaming league is very interesting, as a content creator you can join a team and compete again the other various teams such as the ESTV team, the Ochocinco team, and several others. Each team is competing in various games like this weekend is a Call of Duty Warzone Kill Race!


The gaming centers that Simplicity Esports’ already has will be the location for the event whole the streaming structure brought to the partnership by ESTV will create a stable and accessible way for viewers to join and watch alongside the in-person attendees (as the events are planned to be in person) with various appearances by athletes and rappers. ESTV can be accessed by just about any streaming service or devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Sling, and many others. This creates the ultimately accessible content that just about everyone in the modern age has access to!

This is an exciting partnership that should create tons of accessible and understandable content to digest as the world of esports keeps moving closer and closer to mainstream viewership.

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