The next step of the FaZe Clan empire has begun!

By: Zachary Fingerle

The next step of the FaZe Clan empire has begun! Not only does FaZe have very successful esports organizations with teams competing at the highest levels of their respective games, such as the Valorant and Call of Duty rosters. Alongside the streamers and content creators such as Nickmercs, Swagg, Rug, and several others. Hold on, we are out of breath. They also have interacted into the space of authentic sports by signing LeBron “Bronny ” James Jr. and Kyler “K1” Murray. Who were all recently featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated which was released on June 17th. Not to mention the booming lifestyle branding that FaZe has down on top of everything else.

They have now partnered with McDonald’s, and this partnership will have a heavy focus on diversity! From an official release, they stated that the goal is to “highlight the evolution of diversity within the gaming industry and the work FaZe Clan and McDonald’s are doing to make a lasting impact”. There has been a large cry about the esports space having a lack of diversity, but there seem to be more and more announcements every day of organizations making changes and/or bringing people on for the sake of change. Just last year, FaZe created a Diversity Council and have stated that they provide unconscious bias training for all of their employees!

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