Team Liquid x Kingston FURY – 2021

By Zachary Fingerle


Team Liquid has been a successful esports organization worldwide for quite some time now. Several partnerships have come and gone in this time but one has always stuck by their side and they are happy to announce that they are coming back!

Earlier this year, Hewlett Packard(HP) acquired HyperX from Kingston Technology. Now Kingston Technology has made its first move in the realm of esports since that deal. 

Kingston FURY will be the official RAM of Team Liquid.

This partnership is so much more than simply giving Team Liquid high-quality RAM. Much like other esports brand integrations, there will be several integrations of the brands. Including a heavy focus on behind-the-scenes content from Team Liquid.

This is truly wonderful news as these two brands have been together for over a decade and to keep that rolling is incredible!

We here at Black Dog Gaming are very interested in the future and potential complications of partnerships within the realm of esports. If Kingston FURY is the official RAM of Team Liquid will we eventually see the CPU, GPU and other pieces of the computer become specific partnership deals? 

We can see the messy future as AMD and Intel continue to battle for the scene and many more companies and individuals want to get their hands into esports, why not offer as much “land” as possible. But then the scene may become too convoluted…


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