ROC Nation Sports and GCN break ground!

By: Zachary Fingerle

Just yesterday we posted about Gamesquare Esports making another large acquisition, and here we are today with another one! Well technically it is not Gamesquare but one of the companies in their network that has made the partnership. The Gaming Community Network also known as the GCN has partnered with ROC Nation Sports.

ROC Nation Sports, which is a talent agency that represents a long list of professional athletes including several from the NBA including Lamelo Ball, Danny Green, Dennis Smith Jr., and many more. This does not account for the various stars of the WNBA, NFL, MLB, and several other leagues!

As we have seen in the past, everyone everywhere is looking to get their foot in the door of esports. This partnership allows a long list of athletes that want to seek the future to make connections into the gaming space. While also allowing the fans of gaming and esports to have a closer connection to athletes that they see on tv making it a two-way street.

There are several quotes from the leaders within GCN and ROC Nation but one stands out to us. A quote from Chris Kindt, the CMO of GCN stated that:

This partnership will allow us to continue to bridge the gap between traditional media and gaming. We are excited to build esports content and tournaments with Roc Nation Sports”.

Where could this partnership be going, what kind of content will be created, and in what avenue will ROC Nation assist in tournaments and esports events!

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