E3 at a Quick Glance!

E3 was not quite the same this year, and we aren’t referencing the move to fully digital for the first time in 25 years, although that is also surprising!  Due to COVID-19, E3 last year was canceled entirely and Geoff Keighley launched the Summer Games Fest in place for game announcements and news for 2020. Although E3 is back in full force this year, it is entirely digital. Alongside being fully digital, the roster of E3 events is not the same as it has been in previous years with Xbox and Nintendo as the main “title contenders”. This is due to many companies spreading out into their showcases, with Sony branching out and hosting their State of Play event.

This year was not lacking in any sense of the content and announcements but they had their difficulties. For the entirety of the day on Saturday the 12th, the event dashboard website would not work so you could not visit any of the digital booths or look into indie developers very closely. While they had it back up and running on Sunday the 13th, it was very inconvenient for people like myself who wanted to look into some of the smaller developers on a slow Saturday.

I will be releasing another article later this week talking about the main announcements with my thoughts, and the winners and losers of E3.

We are currently working on trying to get several of these indie developers and various other gaming companies to appear at Gameacon 2021 in August, you will just have to keep your eyes out for those announcements! Be sure to keep following the Gameacon social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter for any and all updates or visit blackdoggaming.com/gameacon


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